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Hi, I’m Nick, the humanities teacher at The GFC School. 

In my classes, we cover both geography and history with weekly lessons of each. The vision for the ‘Humanities Department’ is to enable students to leave the school with a well-rounded view of the wider world both within the UK and abroad and to understand moments in history that have shaped the modern world and the systems we live in.  Within lessons, students will build not only on their knowledge but also on a range of geographical and historical skills as well as their critical thinking and analysis of source and information.



In key stage 3 geography, we cover a range of topics giving students a change to explore the world we live in today and the challenges we face. We cover both human and physical geography during key stage 3 topics covered include country case studies, volcanoes, earthquakes, map work, climate change and many more. There is also a focus on developing geographical skills such as map reading and interpreting data.

In History we look at a range of topics that help students develop their understanding of what makes Britain the way it is today. These include topics on the Norman Conquest, medieval kings and queens, the Black Death and Jack the Ripper. This is done through enquiry based thinking as well as source analysis and interpretation. We also take the opportunity to explore the extensive local history around us, this includes going on field trips to see sites first hand and bring what we learn in the classroom to life.




In key stage 4, we cover the AQA Geography GCSE, which allows students to further immerse themselves in the study of geography and the wider world. We cover some great topics:

Living with the physical environment

The challenge of natural hazards, including earthquakes and volcanoes

 The living world including tropical rainforests

Physical landscapes in the UK

Challenges in the human environment

Urban issues and challenges including megacities and urbanisation

The changing economic world

The challenge of resource management including food and water

Geographical applications

Issue evaluation, geographical skills and Fieldwork


Students will take three exams in year 11 and will be required to complete two fieldwork projects, studying an element of both human and physical geography.