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Hi I am Jonathan, the Maths teacher here at The GFC School.


We believe that it is our duty to inspire young people to see the true beauty of maths in the wider world by bringing maths alive, and to make it interesting and easy.


We believe that through Maths our students will become a proficient user of mathematics, alongside a resilient ability to apply their knowledge and problem solve.


The progress of our students is paramount, and we ensure we make every student count.


KS3 Maths

During KS3, students will engage in themed activities that will develop their understanding of the main concepts that underpin the study of mathematics, as well as learn the processes which are essential to enable progress to be made. Problem solving and applications to the real world will be prevalent throughout.


KS4 Maths

In KS4 we work towards the Eduqas GCSE. All subject content within a particular tier (foundation and higher) can be assessed on either Component 1 (Non-calculator Mathematics) or Component 2 (Calculator allowed Mathematics).